Blue Tongue Ecosystems is a business with a passion for restoring damaged environments to healthy, productive ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems look more beautiful, provide habitat and food for our native and domestic animals, improve the water quality in streams and reduce damage caused by floods.

Blue Tongue Ecosystems works with land managers to achieve the best environmental outcomes, whilst recognizing social and economic aspects. We value the importance of meeting the needs of the landholder and adhering to their budget. Communication before, during and at the completion of a project is a priority. All work done adheres with bush regeneration best management practices.

Blue Tongue Ecosystems holds major contracts with local councils and Sydney Water throughout Sydney and the Blue Mountains. We work for for private clients including developers. We also work remotely for National Parks and on private rural land.

Blue Tongue Ecosystems has the capacity for large scale works that extend over a number of years. With a team of 30 bush regenerators we also have the flexibility to respond to short turnaround projects.

Core Services